Providing a World Class Basic Education In a Disciplined Environment
That Lays The Foundation For Future Leadership

Holistic Education For Your Child at Raha International School


RAHA International School is a well-resourced institution with the state-of-art amenities necessary for laying a solid foundation for your child’s education, with a truly 21st century perspective at the preparatory level prior to their enrollment in high School. The school has been set up to inculcate in your child, a culture of discipline, confidence, innovation and a sense of responsibility required for a productive and successful future.

As a demonstration of its international character, the school derives its name, RAHA, from the Swahili language, meaning “joy, happiness”. The concept is to motivate the pupils to envision and work towards great and beautiful things of life. 


We provide a holistic education in a multi-cultural environment that allows pupils to acquire literacy and numeracy knowledge, as well as, social and moral values to enable them grow into functional literates. We achieve this by partnering with parents and the community, through an active engagement of the pupils in the teaching-learning experience. 


• Eagles have powerful vision.
• Eagles are fearless.
• Eagles are tenacious.
• Eagles are high flyers.
• Eagles nurture their young


1. To provide opportunities for children to develop their talents, based on a mix of local and international facilities and resources.
2. To provide job opportunities for young Ghanaians in the academic field as a way of contributing to the work force, providing livelihood and tapping their knowledge and skills for the improvement of our communities and the nation as a whole.
3. Train a core of future leaders who will look up to themselves for the development of our country’s rich resources with the view to strengthening the fundamental structures of the economy. 


RAHA education is about young visionary children of good character, high achievers armed with the courage, compassion and humility to emerge empowered with the skills and abilities to be the leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world. At Raha, we provide a truly 21st Century perspective so our children can become young global citizens, ready to contribute to the society with a profound sense of justice, tolerance and understanding.   


Mount Carmel Hospital

Health Care

Meeting the educational needs of Children through quality care is very important to us and for that matter, we have carefully sited our school adjacent the Mount Carmel Hospital. This makes it possible for an efficient and guaranteed health service for our children. 

Location Address

Raha International School,
Adjacent Mount Carmel Hospital,
Tema - Ghana

Postal Address

P.O Box CO 2021,
Comm 1, Tema

  • Email: admin@rahaschoolgh.com
  •           rahaschoolgh@gmail.com    
  • Phone:
  • +233 50 723 1072  +233 59 168 8165

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